A contract prepared in a technical right way costs a lot of money. However the right prepared contract means saving money and avoiding trouble for the future.

If you want to avoid any problems with your contracts, so let our lawyers prepare and prove your contracts.

We prepare and prove all the types of contracts like:

A German contract has not to regulate every little bagatelle in comparison to the English or American contracts. All of these „bagatelles“are already regulated by the German law.

However only German lawyer can prepare contracts considering to the German law and jurisdiction!

Take our extensive legal advice and support und do not make the fatal mistake to prepare or to prove the contract without our lawyers. Sooner or later this mistake will cause your financial discomfort.

The preparation and proof of the contracts by our lawyers is a part of our services.

The preparation of contracts is possible in German and if necessary in English, Portuguese, Russian, French, Italian and Turkish as well.

Only our company can prepare and prove the contracts in different language at the same time.

In addition to it we support you in negotiation with third person and help you to understand and interpret the German contract, and if necessary and possible to modify the contract in your favor.

Our TRP Advocates attend our clients to their business meetings, so the “bad surprise” after the meeting is eliminated from the beginning. The support of our lawyer-team gives our clients assurance in their business in Germany and we guarantee “legal safety” for all legal decisions of our clients.

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