German Trade Law is named Handelsgesetzbuch (HGB). Besides this codification German Trade Law includes regulations of German Civil Law, Promissory Note Law (Wechselgesetz), Check Law (Scheckgesetz) and different other regulations. However all of these acts and regulations are applied according to the European and international Law. The main fields of our activity in this sphere of Law are the following: Act of sale/bill of sale: review and work out of the contract as well as preparation of claims Franchising : analysis of client’s business model as well as preparation of the contracts with franchisee; legal and tax advice regarding the franchising model, especially with regard to labour law and copyright. Factoring and Leasing: The capital market-orientated financial system generates new financial models and options for liquidity planning. The running changes is this legal and finanicial field require a professional advice and analyzis of the situation in order to avoid any risks for the company. Due to this fact the detailed legal support is indispensable for the future of each company. The Team of TRP Advocates can support you in this legal field, escpecially with respect to the European and international regulations of this Law.
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