There are several possibilities to obtain funds for  the realization of commercial plans in Germany. Besides private investors and bank loans exist various programs from the German state as well as from the EU for supporting companies. Furthermore, there is the possibility to get financial support from public authorities such as the German Federal Agency of Employment. Besides financial help for start ups, the agency also provides indirect subsidies. Inter alia, an employer receives federal help engaging certain employees up to the half of their salaries. The number of fund opportunities is big. Even banks often do not have an overview over these many options. Take our advisory in order to draft your financial plans complying to your individual requirements and to obtain the optimum in funding. TRP Advocates helps in all matters related to the financing of your business plans. We represent your interest at banks, other creditors and the public authorities. Furthermore, we advice in matters of special financing instruments such as leasing and factoring. We work transparently and client oriented. Using our services protects you of bad cost surprises. You can plan safely working with us.
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