Fixed price

The payment for a lawyer’s services can be fixed. Paying a certain amount, you can be sure in solving your case, regardless of the duration and complexity. The agreement on fixed payment requires a preliminary analysis of the case and mutual trust between our company and the client.


We also offer our customers an hourly payment system. Every week you receive a report, which reflects the hours worked on your case, and the bill for this service. The cost of an hour is determined individually: from the complexity of the case itself, competencies and the number of specialists.


The German law (RVG) regulates the attorney’s fee in all spheres of his professional activity.

For the first introductory conversation with the client, the law provides for the payment of 190 Euro per hour.

Subsequent payment comes from the law and depends on the amount of the claim. You can calculate the cost of a lawyer using the online calculator on this page.

You can calculate your legal cost if you put the sum in dispute.

We also represent your interests in court. The costs are based on the law (GKG) and can be calculated for you in advance.

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