To find the right location for a new company is one of the most important decisions on the stage of incorporation. The right location can decide about the success and failure of your new company from the beginning of your business. The dimension of the chosen area is a secondary issue.

Prime issues

The most important issue for the right location is the technological infrastructure of the area. The locations must satisfy the individual requirements of the planed business. First of all you should prognose the development of your company and of the area for the future, where you have chosen your location. The location, which is satisfying for the moment, could become unsatisfying in the future. You should think about the following questions, if you want to get the right location: 1. Which infrastructure do you need for your business? 2. Does the infrastructure satisfy the technological requirements of the company? 3. Does the infrastructure satisfy, if business is growing in the future? 4. Are there any public investments planed for the area? 5. Are there any other companies in the area? 6. Is there any political support for business?

Secondary issues

Having got solid facts you should think about expanse and costs of needed location. Generally it wouldn’t be a problem to find the locations with the right expanse. However you should keep in mind the possibility of leasing additional areas for you company if required in the future. Concerning the lease costs you should know that these are very different and depend on the area. You should keep in mind that locations with urban character are more expensive concerning taxation and hire charges than locations with agrarian character. However sometimes it is better to chose location near big city, because the charges are not to high and the infrastructure is satisfying.

Other important issues

Depending on the individual requirements of your company, you should think about the following issues, which could be very important for your business:

How TRP can help

Based on your individual requirements our TRP-team can help you to analyze the location. We regard all the factors of your business and the location, so that you won’t get any trouble with the location from the beginning of your business.
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