Paul Trippel
Lawyer, firm owner

Professional experience: Attorney since 2011, co-founder of well-known law firms. Previously worked as an in-house lawyer for various German-Russian associations.

Languages: German, Russian, English.

Viacheslav Berdnikov
Lawyer, General Counsel for EE & CIS - TRP Advocates Moscow
Professional experience: Work as in-house lawyer in the steel industry, Head of Legal Department of the state bank and Member of the Board of the Director. Working as a tutor at the University, have science publications in legal scientific magazines.Have an experience of work in legislative bodies.   Languages: English, Russian, German
Irina Trippel
Inerpreter, Translator

Professional experience: For more than 30 years Mrs. Trippel has experience working as an interpreter and translator. As a qualified specialist, she worked as a translator for national and international companies.

Languages: German, Russian.