Paul Trippel
Lawyer, firm owner

Professional experience: Attorney since 2011, co-founder of well-known law firms. Previously worked as an in-house lawyer for various German-Russian associations.

Languages: German, Russian, English.

Torsten Steinwachs
Lawyer, Certified Mediator
Professional experience: 20 years of professional experience in the field of surety management and insolvensy administration. He also provides consultancy services to credit institutions regarding the issue and utilization of sureties, on the national and international level. He is a visiting lecturer for private business law at the Hochschule für Ökonomie and Management – FOM -, Frankfurt a. M..   Languages: English, Russian, German
Viacheslav Berdnikov
Lawyer, General Counsel for EE & CIS - TRP Advocates Moscow
Professional experience: Work as in-house lawyer in the steel industry, Head of Legal Department of the state bank and Member of the Board of the Director. Working as a tutor at the University, have science publications in legal scientific magazines.Have an experience of work in legislative bodies.   Languages: English, Russian, German
Irina Trippel
Inerpreter, Translator

Professional experience: For more than 30 years Mrs. Trippel has experience working as an interpreter and translator. As a qualified specialist, she worked as a translator for national and international companies.

Languages: German, Russian.