Registration at Authorities

You have to comply with legal requirements and German bureaucracy, if you want to establish your business in Germany. That means first of all a lot of registration at German authorities. The following registrations must be done generally in Germany: • Registration at the Local Foreign Authority • Registration at the trade office • Registration at the local tax offices • Registration at the chambers of commerce • Registration at the Local Registration Office • Registration at the Federal Agency of Employment • Registering at the Social Security Authorities • Registration at customs • Registration at other Federal authorities We, the TRP Advocates, help our clients to overcome this obstacle! We prepare needed documentation and apply needed registrations. In addition to it we help our clients to keep all the appointments at the notary and to open an account (for private or business issue) in the favored bank. We also help in private Registrations, like: vehicle registration, registration at engineer chamber etc.. All in all we assume the whole communication with authorities and place our services at our clients’ disposal.
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